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Mukhtar al-Hadith ash-Sharif


Alhamdulillah, wa Sallallahu wa Sallama ‘Ala Sayyidina Rasulillah, wa Alihi wa Sahbihi wa Man Walah! Amma Ba’du:

I thought I would share with you the short compilation of Habib ‘Umar Bin Hafiz of Ahadith (sayings, deeds and taccit aprovals) of the Messenger of Allah Salawatullah wa Salamuhu ‘Alayh. It is the first text taught on the Riwayah al-Hadith (transmission of Hadith) curriculum of Dar al-Mustafa. May Allah benefit us by the Ahadith of his beloved Messenger Muhammad SallallahuAlayhiWaSallam and the Tartib (order of compilation) of Sayyidina Habib ‘Umar, Allahumma Ameen.

It was indeed Allah himself who commaded us with the following in the Qur’an: “Whatever the messenger, take it, and whatever he forbids you from, leave it” and the Messenger SallallahuAlayhiWaSallam has said:

“Bright does Allah make the face of his servant that records and conveys what he hears from me.” And he said “Narrate from me and let those that are present teach those that are absent.” And he pointed to his noble mouth and said “Nothing but truth issues from this.” Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala (Trancendant and Exalted be He) has declared: “And he does not speak of his desire”.

Sahl ibn Sa`d (Allah be pleased with him) relates that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said to Ali ibn Abi Talib, “By Allah! For Allah to guide a single person through you is better for you than red camels.” [Bukhari & Muslim; this wording is Muslim’s]

Mu`adh ibn Anas (Allah be pleased with him) relates that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, “Whoever teaches knowledge to others shall have the reward of those who act upon it, without this dimishing the reward of those people in any way.” [Ibn Maja]

DOWNLOAD Mukhtar al-Hadith ash-Sharif, Here!

Keep me in your duas,



  1. as sallamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

    Inshaa Allah you are well, and in the best of states.
    May Allah ta’ala give you good in this life and the next

    Barak Allah fikum for all the ilma sharif you point to.

    Abdul Latif Al-AMin

  2. Explain with a reason what is haram and how it occur

  3. Wa alaikum asalaam warahmatulaahi wabarakaatuhu

    JazakAllah khairan for the Arabic. Would you mind posting the English translation as well, and if possible, the commentary? JazakAllah khairan, may Allah reward you with the best.

    • wa ‘alaykum as-salam wa rahmatu Llah,

      The work is merely a compilation of ahadith designed to be taught to beginners.

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