Posted by: seekerofthesacred | December 29, 2009

Our Server was Suspended, wa `Afwan Minkum


As-Salamu `Alaykum wa Rahmatullah…

Unfortunately we forgot that it was part of the contract of our server to log in to their forums every 31 days. Thus it was terminated, and the Mawlid files will not download for now. I sincerely apologize Ya Saadah! Insha Allah, it will be back by Monday  4th December 2009. We also, by the will of Allah, be uploading the Qasidah’s from the noble al-Khulasah of al-Habib `Umar, as well as some other solo’s by Ustadh Salman Ba Hurmi and a few albums of Firqah al-Masarrah. Please keep us in your Duas,



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