Posted by: seekerofthesacred | July 15, 2010

Short clips of Qasidahs read at this year’s Dowra.

Here is also two very short clips of some Qasidahs read before and after some of the talks during this year’s Dowra in Tarim.



  1. These are always appreciated. May Allah bless you.

    • It’s all other peoples works 🙂 Keep everyone involved in your duas, was-salam

  2. Salaam sidi, where can I find the text for the second Qasida? Much appreciated.

    Bi tawfiq.

    • It is the famed qasidah “ma ladhat al-`aysh” of al-ghawth Abu Madyan. Part of it is recited since that is where they were up to in studying and memorizing it. The text was available on the dawrah website, but seems to have been removed. However, the following is the takhmis of it by shaykh ibn `arabi: The original poem can be found in the last two lines of each set of five lines. If need be, I will scan my print out of the qasidah.

      keep us all in your duas,

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