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The ‘Sufis’!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Who Are the Sufis? Answered by al-‘Allamah al-Habib ‘Umar b. Muhammad b. Salim b. Hafiz hafizahuLlah


The sufis are those who occupy themselves with purifying their souls from every blameworthy quality, and strive in adorning [it] with pleasing, praiseworthy qualities. Read the book “al-ta’arruf, li madh-habi ahli-t tasawwuf” of the Imam Abu Bakr b. Muhammad al-Kallabadhi (from the scholars of the fourth century) — in it you will find the names of the first Sufis, and from amongst them are (Imam) ‘Ali Zayn al-‘Abidin and al-Hasan al-Basri from our masters, the followers (the generation after the companions), as well as others, including from the followers of the followers (two generations after the companions), and those who followed them in excellence. You will find that the majority of those through whom Allah benefitted [others], from the Qur’anic exegetes, scholars of hadith, the people of usul al-fiqh (methodology of legal derivation) as well as usul ad-din (creedal methodology) of the sublime shari’ah, they are those who aligned themselves and were attributed to this tasawwuf. [You will also find] that the majority of those whom Allah allowed to occur, at their hands, the refutation of the transgressors and jihad in his path, across the centuries, they were those who aligned themselves with and were attributed to tasawwuf – those who are known as “sufis”. May Allah make your footing firm, and save us and you from the evils of our selves (nafs pl. nufus) and our actions. .

Thereafter, indeed those of this praiseworthy methodology of noble character – those who would say “tasawwuf is character; whoever increases in character, increases in tasawwuf” – are no different to other sectors of the Muslims (s: e.g. the jurists, exegetes etc), in that people claim affiliation to them who are (in reality) not from amongst them. They are those who act contrary to the principles and methodology of the sufis, and due to that, people speak differently with regards to them. The state of all the groups – from the people of truth and falsehood – are like this. With Allah is tawfiq.

As for the most important books which speak about the science of tasawwuf, wayfaring and character, from amongst them are the following: [1] ‘The Beginning of Guidance’; [2] ‘The 40 Foundations of Religion; [3] ‘The Path of Worshipful Servants’; and [4] ‘The Revival of Religious Sciences’. These four books are the work of the Imamproof of Islam’ Abu Hamid al-Ghazali. From amongst them, also, are the book ‘Religious Counsels and Advices of Faith’ of the Imam ‘Abd Allah b. ‘Alawi al-Haddad, the book ‘Recognizing the People of Tasawwuf’ of Imam Abu Bakr b. Muhammad al-Kallabadhi (who we alluded to previously), the book ‘Seeds of Sacred Lights in the Muhammadan Oaths’ of the Imam and Shaykh ‘Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sha’rani, and the ‘Book of Aphorisms’ of Ibn ‘Ata Allah. This book has many commentaries: a commentary by ‘Ba ‘Aqqad’ (s: possibly it is a typo referring to Ibn ‘Abbad), a commentary by Shaykh ash-Sharnubi and a commentary of Ibn ‘Ajibah. In each of these books is a clear picture and straight path as to (the realities of) tasawwuf and wayfaring; and there are many other books in this regard, except that taking from books such as these rise (the station) of individual, and serve as a stairway for him to look at that which is beyond them. With Allah is tawfiq.



  1. Masha’Allah wonderful references. I know and possess copies of all these books except ‘Seeds of Sacred Lights in the Muhammadan Oaths’ by Imam ‘Abd al-Wahhab ash-Sha’rani. What is the Arabic title of this book and where can one obtain a copy?

  2. wa ‘alaykum as-salam wa rahmatuLlah, ustadh ‘Isa,

    May Allah bless and reward you for passing by!

    The Arabic for that particular title is as follows:

    لواقح الأنوار القدسية في العهود المحمدية

    I hope that helped.

    Keep me in your duas,


    Suleiman alMuslim

  3. Here’s the manuscript:

    It seems you can download it from here:

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