Posted by: seekerofthesacred | June 9, 2011

Istighfar of al-Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib


Since Rajab is the month of Allah, the month of istighfar, I thought I’d post the following formula of seeking forgiveness narrated in the musnad of al-Imam ‘Ali b. Abi Talib karram Allahu wajhahul karim. The document contains the Arabic text, followed by transliteration.

Read and Download

UPDATE: There is a much better version which contains the Arabic, English and transliteration; all thanks go to the Sandal Card‘s translating team, the students of Shaykh Muhammad Sadiq al-‘Alawi hafizahuLlah. Download HERE

This, perhaps, is a could place to share these lines of poetry of al-Imam al-Haddad radhiy Allah ‘anh, shared by al-Habib Rida al-Haddad:

يَا رَبُّ يَاربَّاه يَا أَمَلاهُ يَا * ذَخِري إِذا ضَنَّ الرَّفِيع البَاهِر

انظر إِلي بِنظرة مِنْ رحمة * كي يحيى مني كل ميت دَاثرِ
إنّي إليك بأحمد متشفع * ختم النبين الرسول الطاهِرِ
وبصنوه ووليه وصفيه * المرتضى البر اَلتقي الصابرِ
وبسبطهم وحفيدهم وسليلهم * الشيخ محي الدين عبد القادرِ
الجيلي المشهور فرد زمانه * شيخ الشيوخ بباطن وظاهرِ



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